5 Books I Want To Read This Year

ISABEL THE BOOKWORM is present. I 100% identify myself as a bookworm, reader, book junkie etc. etc. (Also: my apologies! "Next post will be an outfitpost", she said, "I will post it tomorrow", she said. But, at last, I stupidly deleted the outfit pictures and was ill for two weeks.) So, as you have guessed: I love reading. New books are one of my favorite things - in combination with the smell of new books. I do not really mind the genre, though I prefer English books. Here are some books I'd love to hold in my hands and read:

I am a bookworm. I am a dreamer, a friend, a human, a blondie, a chocolate lover. I am a lot of things. Morning person, does not fall into that category. Despite being 17 years on this earth, and experiencing 14 years of early mornings (explanation: school). I have not mastered a good morning routine. Most of the time I just sit with tired eyes in class praying that 'oh for the love of God, do. Not. Talk. To. Me.' As you can imagine; this book would be really helpful. 

I have probably seen this movie a thousand times. I have laughed, cried, gawked at the visuals and editing as the film geek I am. I just really love this movie. I did not know it was a freaking book. Normally I always read the book before the movie (yes I am one of those people) but whey, here we are. I would love to read the (kind of funny) story in detail and enjoy it as much (and maybe even more) as the movie. 

One of my resolutions is having better skin (and doing everything in my power to achieve that). I am extremely into skin, how it works and what you can do to achieve happy and healthy skin. So, naturally, I am very interested in this book. I would love to learn about more than beauty: diet and lifestyle on how to clean your skin.

I can call myself vegetarian for about 2 months now. Since my parents are not going to cook for me anymore next month I kind of have to find good, healthy, wholesome recipes to eat vegetarian. Oh hey, a cookbook. How convenient. 

I am just very interested in diet. I love food but I would like to know what I put into my body and what it does to me. Helpful recipes are also not something I say no to. 

So, from one bookworm to another, what books would you want to read?



  1. Lovely blog post! Really want to read the first book now, I'm a sucker for those kind of books!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeahhh, me too (obviously haha) :) x

  2. Lijken me hele interessante boeken!
    Die eerste wil ik echt lezen!
    Liefs Lonneke



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