March Moodboard

UP LEFT:  Something I will be writing on my chalkboard wall, my monthly quote. Because during all the madness of being a teenager it is hard to remember that whatever will be, will be.

UP RIGHT: This has been me this month. 100%. Caffeine, stress and no sleep are a very familiar finals week combination that I (and you, if you're a teenager or have ever been one) know all too well.

DOWN LEFT: Another one of my favorite quotes. It makes you realize that though you are a small part of this world, you are a part with a wonderful vision and that there is no one like you. 

DOWN RIGHT: Wanderlust has officially taken over again. Especially because I know that in about give or take 9 (!) weeks I will have 3 months of summer vacation. Ending high school and it's perks. I want to work a lot (money, money, money), travel a lot and write a lot. An amazing combination in my ears.


March has been a very stressful and unpleasant month for me to be honest. I spent the first 2 weeks being ill (like, so ill that I could not film, or write, or move, or breathe, or sleep. Yeah. Fun) and the other 2 weeks preparing for finals and my upcoming exams (aaaaaaaaah). So coffee has been drunk, stress has been done, sleeping has not been done and procrastinating... Yeah. Let's not talk about that one.  

I hope that you had a lovely month and let's wish for a better (and sunnier) April!



  1. Really nice post! X Minale



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