Image vs Words

THE THING THAT AMAZES ME MOST about my brain is the way I create things or my process to creating things and the way it all goes. To quote the Grand Budapest Hotel: "(...) People think the writer's imagination is always at work, that he's constantly inventing an endless supply of incidents and episodes; that he simply dreams up his stories out of thing air. In point of fact, the opposite is true." The way I get ideas or inspired is in fact completely random. It is like a breeze on a hot summer's day: not very regular, but when it comes I am very happy. 

(source: the book lemony snicket, picture from tumblr) 

My favorite outlet to me are words. Because words are simple and to the point. Words can almost never be interpreted differently like you would with a painting, a picture or a movie ("I think the word apple illustrates a very dark world" is a phrase you will never hear) but can also be misinterpreted. Like "the way you said it" or the way you read it. You can read it soft, loud, joyful, sad but the words will stay the same. But when I think of an idea (it can be anything really: to what I am going to eat to my next 'novel' -just kidding on that last one) I think in images. I do not think in aconstantstreamofwords, but in a "movie way". For example, the first chapter of the story I am writing came to me while listening to a song and imagining the whole thing. Not "I am going to write it this way and make him/her do this", but an image, like a movie scene. 
I find it so strange that these complete opposite outlets are so connected to me.

Anyway, I have no idea if you like these thoughts or rambles (ey, see what I did there) but I am posting it anyway because this feels like a virtual journal entry and I like it. Tomorrow, however, there will be an outfit post to look forward to. Huzzah!

How does inspiration come to you?

Love & Inspire,


  1. Great post! X Minale

  2. I agree, my inspiration comes in waves and when I least expect it - it's so fascinating to try and work out what triggers it!

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

    1. I know right? I feel I kind of figured it out haha :) x I

  3. I just saw this trailer after I read your blogpost and I thought: "Hmm, this reminds me of something...". :)

    1. Aw that is so amazing. Watched the trailer, it looks like a really fun and interesting movie. Thanks Margot! :) x I

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