Favorite January Things

THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY UPON US... And not to be a cliche but January flew by.
 I mean, it seems like a week ago that we screamed "Happy new year!" and like yesterday
 that is was my birthday (20 January, I am seventeen now) and now the month is almost over.
So it's time to show you the things I have been loving. 

VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK: i'm became a vegetarian this week (kind of have
to figure everything out food and health wise) and yes I'm sure and yes I know what bacon
tastes like.

DRESS - ESPIRT: i have been wearing this so much january. This was my new years dress
and i can tell ya: it's super warm, soft and comfy. Huzzah!

HEELS- BERSHKA: something i bought in london. i needed some easy, feminine heels and these
are so comfy and i could walk in them for hours (not sure if my feet would like that though)

OXFORDS - SASHA: finally a pair of oxfords! yes, another pair of black shoes (sue me) but these
i have wanted for so long. also they are shiny, how could i ever say no?

LIPBALM - BURT'S BEES: this has been my savior for this past winter month. This saved
my dry, chapped lips and turned them into kissable (nobody to kiss though), soft lips. a+ to burt's bees, you go burt. 

RING SET - H&M: again, an item i wanted for so long. i did not have a lot of simple silver rings
or midi rings so this was an accessory staple. they are so dainty and simple and make my outfits.

Another favorite: my new lay out. Do you like it? I worked really hard on making it pretty and
work nicely so I am proud of myself. This is something I have been wanting to do for so long:
revamping my blog since I just was not pleased with my old lay out. And viola, her we are!

Here's to another month! What have you been loving this month?

love & inspire,



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