Karen Walker Resort 2014-15 | DESIGNER LOVE

"I think I found one of my favorite designers." 

I was scrolling though Vogue's site recently because that is what you do 
when you are procrastinating from learning your tests (oops). When I 
clicked on the category shows and the first thing that caught my eye
was this photo-set of Karen Walker clothes. Modeled by a beautiful 
model. The first thing I thought was: I have to write about this.
 Well, here I am.  

[Karen Walker]
But first a bit of background about Karen Walker. Her collections
are casual but have a lot of color and prints going on (which I love
because thought I do wear mostly black I can appreciate a good
color-combo and print). She has a lot of "opposites" going on like:
feminine and edgy, dark and super-cute, tailored and street etc. 
which I like because I don't like the whole: "Oh this dress is
girly and nothing else" kind of aspect of clothing. Clothes can
be everything all at once. So now you know a bit about Karen
Walker we can talk about her newest designs... 


Let't talk about this dark colored ensemble because, as you might know, dark colors are my thing. This dress has this really nice silhouette because it flares out very nicely and is very flattering. Also I have been getting into dark blue, so this is perfect.
And I am absolutely in love with these shoes. And, though I am not a big fan of orange (the Netherland's color is orange so every time I wear it I feel like I am supporting a Dutch football game...) these sunglasses suit this look perfectly.

First thing first: cat purse. I am a future cat lady (because... cats) and I love everything cat related. So this bag is perfection in my eyes. I am in love with the whole casual aspect of this dress. It kind of has this oversized shirt feel but in a classy way. Also the slight ruffles at the top make it really flattering. 

Karen is notorious for her print and now I see why. This is gorgeous. The print is timeless, classy and I love the pale-blue/ grey color. This color scheme is really nice for in the summer and suits almost every skin color (it suits mine, that's all that matters... Ah, I'm just kidding.) Again, the silhouette is very flattering which I like because these type of dress can be boxy, but this one is definitely not one of those. 

This is one of the classiest, most sophisticated dresses I have every seen. It is pretty simple, but it's not "boring simple". Again super flattering and I love the grey color (have you seen the trend going on here? I love black, grey and dark blue... Yes, I am in that fase.)

Let's talk about details for a second: do you see the orange patch thingy on the blue shirt? It matches the sunglasses perfectly and it ties in with all the pieces. A+ designing everyone.
This esemble could easily be "grandma". But, au contraire, it is everything but! The peplum effect of the shirt (oh, by the way: I love the collar! Collars like this are so timeless...) ties perfectly with the medium-lenght skirt making the model not looking boxy but showing her figure in the most modest way possible. And again, I love the shoes.

Well, I can say that I have found one of my favorite designers.
I loved writing about Karen Walker and I will wait to the day
until I can buy one of the pieces (being a stylish blogger with lots
of money perhaps? Just kidding haha.) Until then I am just sixteen
year old me, dreaming to wear one of these pieces (so dramatic, I know.)
Have a nice day!
Love & Inspire,


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