The Story So Far | PHOTOGRAPHY

"This is what I've doing in my valuable summer days." 

ONCE UPON A TIME... Well, we're not gonna start with that since I am not
cinderella or any other Disney-princess (cries silently in a corner). BUT, this
is what I've been doing at the moment, in my valuable summer days. Apart
from traveling. I am going to Bali in a few days for 3 weeks and I've been
in France for 2 weeks (yes, of course I will show you pictures silly!) 
Anyhow, I've been spending my summer holiday hours on tumblr (this
is mine, shameless plug), reading (if you look in the left corner there's this thing
called a book), and watching youtube videos (or better said: re-watching
Hellokaty videos -This one is the summer dresses lookbook.
 I'm not ashamed.) and listening to music. I've been
listening to THE KILLERS a lot recently and my favorite song of
them at the moment is "Be Still". 

Well, that is the story so far! Look out for Paris & Bali pictures
and of course: Back to school posts (and a lot of complaining about
that subject because UGHHHH). 
Have a nice day! 

Love & Inspire,


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