Tumblrspiration | MAY

"Tumblr is full of inspirational pictures so here by... My tumblrspiration (see what I did there?) of the month MAY!" 

(Shameless tumblr plug)

1. This a Banksy graffiti drawing and just like all this work this one is on point.
Because it is true: when you're grumpy everyone is an asshole. So why be grumpy?
2. Unfortunately it didn't say who made this art work but this is also on point.
I can't explain it but this just touches me. 
3. Aaand, here are the fashion pictures. I love this jumper so much because
it is just a really special black and white jumper but with a twist. I would
wear this everyday.
4. Outfit, on point. Shorts: amazing. I love the gym shorts trend because... well
it's comfortable. And, as a lazy teenager, I love comfortable clothing.
5. Nothing screams more indie, boho and festival than this little combination.
I love the warm combination with the black leather. Too bad this silhouette
cardigan doesn't suit petite people (me). Oh well, one can certainly dream... 

I've been recently MIA blogging wise... BUT I'M BACK. Really this time.
And it's almost summer which means I have finally time to blog (and, in a way
no time at all). I'm exited for this horrible year to end and to start a fresh new year.
Hope you are as excited about summer as I am. If not, are you human? 
Have an amazing week!
Love & Inspire,


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