Wishlist: Zara

A few moths ago I made an urban outfitters wishlist because, well surprise,
I absolutely love this shop. But since I downloaded the Zara app and saw
the spring/summer collection, well let's just say, I'm hooked. Gosh, I 
love the clothes! And since I have the plan to buy a shitload of summer/spring clothes
I need to shop there too (the clothes that I have are so boring - worn them for three years-
and ugly. )So today, girls and boys and whoever, I'm going to show you my Zara wish list.

It's made of: 100% linen
Color(s): Broken White
Price: 16,95 EUR
Why I like it so much: I really need more white tops
in my closet because it gives this sophisticated, clean
look which matches a lot of combinations. And the
print is urban and so awesome!

It's made of: (outside) 100% cotton
Color(s): Light-blue
Price: 27,95 EUR
Why I like it so much: I need shorts. The pair that I have
are ugly as hell so you know I need this. Denim shorts
are never wrong (only if they are too short) and the
detailing is absolutely gorgeous!

It's made out of: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Color(s): This jumper with this print is
only in white. Similar jumpers are
in black or dark-grey-black-ish. 
Price: 22,95 EUR
Why I like it so much: When it gets a bit colder
in summer or spring I can wear this. You know
when it is the too-cold-to-wear-a-tanktop-and-shorts-
weather. Yeah. I am really digging the black and
white trend (more about that) and this print
is so cute!

4. Top With Zebra Print
It's made of: 100% polyester
Colors: Pink
Price: 25,95 EUR
Why I like it so much: It is really cute and light and it brings
some color into my warderobe and the print is amazing and so

5. Jacquard Kokerdress With Etenic Print And Spaghetti Straps
It's made of: 74 % cotton, 24 % Polyester, 2% Elastan (translated
it from Dutch, don't know if I did that right!?)
Colors: Broken white
Price: 39,95
Why I like it so much: I only own three summer dresses and
I only could wear two to school and one to the beach. And
this dress is really simple and quite amazing with the triagle

So that's everything I am planning on buying from Zara. I
am so exited to buy it and wear it and hopefully the
sun will shine by then because yesterday (friday) it just
snowed. In march. Just, no. NO.
Have an awesome week!
Love & Inspire,


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