How I Style: Beanies & Socks

My previous post was about Beanies & Socks. I told you a bit
about how you could style them and what my opinion was.
In this post I am going to show you 3 different outfits
with beanies & socks, how I'd style them.
For the people who are more of the: "I don't read,
I just look at the pictures" there is a video below
all the pictures and text made for you people.
I also uploaded it on youtube so yeah.

Outfit 1. Army Grunge

Army jacket: The Sting, Shirt: Punkfish,Pants: The Sting.

Socks: Monki, Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

Ring: The six

Beanie: The Pieces

This outfit is really me because it is a bit grunge,
urban and underground. To make this outfit
even more casual I threw my beanie on and
to funk it up my fun zebra socks. I would wear
this to school, shopping, or just at home.
Can I just say how obsessed I am with these
shoes? They are amazing and give me 5
centimeters height (I need that a lot).

Outfit 2. Comfortabel Cute

Cardigan: The Sting, Jumper: Monki, Panty:

Socks: Monki, Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

This outfit is a bit more put together and out of my
comfort zone (yes I have one, surprisingly). It is
a bit oversized, cute and very comfortable. It is
also a bit 80's or something, but I don't know.
In this case a beanie gives this outfit more of
a "I don't care" look instead of "I tried so hard."
The socks give a fun touch and are the perfect

Outfit 3. Preppy Cute

Jumper: The Sting, Pants: V&D.

Socks: V&D, Shoes: Avanced.

Ring: The six

The last post is a bit preppy (something I usually
don't wear) and cute. You know that I love
this jumper it is just, ugh, the cutest thing ever.
The beanie in this case is to toughen the outfit
up so it doesn't look too cute. The ring helped
too. The socks give a nice detail since I
just have one accessory on in this outfit.

The video:

So yep, that's it. I am so happy that it is weekend,
my test week busy thingy is over so that means
blogging & filming! Yay!
Have an awesome week!


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