Lovely April

Some of the pictures I made this moth. Yep that's the introduction-thingy.

My old, kind of torn panty. Felt like wearing it again. It is actually really ugly and I don't
wear it outside the house but it just reminds me of "old times".  Kind of nostalgic.

Me twirling around and photographing with a low shutter so you can see
the movement and the sunlight.

I really like this one.

Just a dark room and the only light is a little window.

Material and hair.

A dirty window and clouds in a dark room.

My eye and shadows. This looks pretty intense, I don't know why and how.

This looks like a dream. A girl, a blurry perspective.
Made with a slow shutter, again.

It's a cup of cake.

My "Heart of stuff" photographed with a slow shutter.

I like this quote. A lot.

Round sunglasses.

Me with the monochrome effect on my camera.

An old filmcamera, bought at a flee market (it doesn't work by the way), with a dusty lens.

I'm watching you.

I really like this one. I look really random and like me. 

Okay, that's it for this post.
Have an awesome week!
Love & Inspire,


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