Trend: Beanies & Socks

Something I've spotted on the streets lately are beanies (not only because it is cold) and
fun socks! I also read in the Metro (a Dutch magazine) that beanies & socks are going
to be in this year so that was the perfect opportunity to update you and to write
something about it! I'll tell you what I think about the socks (and the styling)
below each picture. Let's start...


Wearing cute socks with a pattern and showing
them (above your shoe, or something like that).
Gives a fun detail to your outfit without over-doing

(Source: http://www.pineneedlecollective.com/)
I recently discovered this (Japanese) blogger because I found this picture
 on weheartit.  The girl said that she bought these socks from tutuanna
 but I couldn't find them  on the site (that is Japanese so it is reallyhard to find, um,
 anything really.)  I love how she styled them with these transparent shoes because 
you can see the socks even better and the socks itself are really cute and perfect to combine
 above some boots or oxfords.

These socks are really elegant and cute. The pattern is kind of flowery
so you can combine them with an cute outfit (like above) or toughen it
up with some black dr. martens or biker-boots.

These socks are also really cute and I love the neon detail and them. You can
wear them with nude heels (like above) or with boots or peep-toe heels. 

Urban outfitters dissapointed me in their sock-collection to be honest.
 I couldn'tfind a lot of cute socks just basic socks. But these socks are really
 cute but the downside is that you only could wear transparents shoes
 or an open heel to see them.

If you look closely you can see that the dott-things are actually stars which
is a really cool detail. You can wear these suckers with an open heel (like
above), with oxfords, all stars, boots. Pretty much everything and it gives
this cute detail.

(Source: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/)
Also, really cute socks but combining them would be pretty impossible.
Only transparent shoes and an open heel will show these suckers.


I've loved beanies ever since you could buy them. They give this
casual touch to your outfit, what I love, and now you see them
more than ever. I searched for more unique beanies than basic ones
 because you could get in every shop.

A basic knitted beanie is, in my opinion, a must to have
in your warderobe. This girl's beanie looks amazing with
her hair so if you buy a beanie: think about what matches
best with your haircolor.

Asos had so many fun beanies. This one is really funny with the eyes
and the pop of color. Perfect to give your outfit a fun touch.

This skull beanie is perfect to toughen up your outfit without putting
to much effort. I. Want. To. Have. This. Gosh.

This beanie is pretty simple but the ying-yang touch makes
it a bit more special.

See how you can combine this? A fun printed t-shirt with a
casual beanie = perfect.

If you have darker hair a pop of color (neon) would look perfect on you.
It will stand out more because of your dark hair and it is perfect
to add some color to your outfit.

And who doesn't love studs? You could also diy this beanie but
buying is less effort, aye? :)

And last, but not least, this beanie. I would wear this. Non-stop.
Every day. Of my life. YES.

So that's it for my post! I have some tests this week (yay *sarcasm*)
so, you know, I have to study. Oh school, I didn't miss you.
Have an awesome week!
Love & Inspire,


  1. Yeah I have a beanie too and I love it! :D xo

    1. Yes, me too and I wear it like non stop. :)
      Thank you for your comment & Have an awesome week!
      Love & Inspire,

  2. i totally dig this trend! the first pair of socks with crosses are super cute!
    and i want to say a huge thank personally to you isabel - reading your sweet and lengthy comment totally made my day. You're awesome! xoxo


    1. Yess, those socks are so cute omygod.
      You're welcome Anthea, I love your blog! :)
      Love & Inspire,



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