Faux-Fur Crazyness


Hello there,
since my mom came back with a faux fur coat for me from the Monki, I fell in love.
Every time I get the occasion to wear it, I do. Why? Because it. Is. So. Awesome.
You can't really see it on the picture but the coat is ombre. Yes.
The upper part is turquoise/blue, then it fades to grey, and then it fades to black.

I've got some stares on the street. You know the usual "What the hell!?" stares.
But hey, I don't care. Bitch, I'm fabulous... -Ish.
By the way, my dip-dye is almost gone. Nooooo. 
But, the next time I am going to dip-dye my hair I am going to dip-dye it pink.
Like, really light pink. More information about my outfit:

Coat: Monki

Jumper (The gray knitted thing peeking out): Esprite, Skinny Jeans: The Sting

IPod Case: Toki Doki

Isn't my Ipod Case adorable? There is so nail polish on it since when I left my nail polish
open in my bag and ruined pretty much everything... Yeah.
I had some fun shooting these photo's, hehe. 

I just felt genius coming up with this idea... Applaus, anyone?
And I just wanted to look like a retarder criminal on the picture below... Fun, fun, fun, fun.

Hehehe, anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome week!
Love & Inspire,


  1. dear thanks for you super nice words on my blog - no worries I love reading lengthy comments they are often more genuine ;)
    and I'm grateful for your love for my blog!
    happy holidays! :)


    1. No problem, I really do love your blog. :)
      Happy holidays! :)



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