Outfit Inspiration: Rebel.

Hey, you there! Didn't see you in a while? Do you have a
new haircut? Okay, Isabel, be serious!
I've always loved the rebel style and since the last
summer you see it more then ever, which makes
me happy, by the way. Rebel: Rock n' roll, black,
band tee's, the whole "I don't care" attitude.
Don't get me wrong, it is not that I'm judging
all the "rebels" here. I am just thinking what
I think describes the rebel style the best.
Okay, enough talking let's start:

1. The slush puppy- outfit
Don't care too much about the title, I'm just giving outfit names.
I love slush puppy's, by the way! Okay, erm, the outfit:
Beanies rock and they keep your ears warm, a really important thing,
the jacket is really cool, and t-shirts with text never go out of

2. "Miss pessimistic"
Not the best text to have on your t-shirt and the sunglasses:
My dear, can you see anything? This outfit is really rebbel-ish
and she definitely has the attitude (look at her "I don't care" 
face and pose). So yep, rebel girl.

3. Don't mind me, I'm just chilling in a chair with my
amazing pink hair- outfit
Oh dear Santa, can you give me her hair for christmas?
I love "crazy" hair, just because my own hair is really boring.
The jumper is really christmassy, that's how I came up
with the Santa story, but I love it! And she sits there like:
"Oh, don't mind me. Just take the bloody picture."

 4.  Awesome hair girl
Again somebody with awesome hair. I love her bandana-haidband-thingy
and her make-up is just so gorgeous! I find this rebel but you might thing:
What? Rebel? Is she crazy? Oh well, opinions are different.

5. Purple hair & headaches
Hmm, I don't find her pose very flattering but her hair is so amazing.
Gaaahhh, colored hair. I love her little hair accessoire and her t-shirt.
This outfit is nothing special but I just put in this post because of the,
erhm, awesome hair. Don't blame me, it. Is. Just. So. Awesome.

 6. I'm just to lazy to shower, so I'm being in a washmachine
Her outfit. Her outfit! O my. I totally love it!
The shoes, doctor Martens, are so amazing and the pants (leggings?)
are so "I wanna have them, gah!" Overall: I love the outfit to bits.

7. I'm sitting on the ground looking with puppy eyes
She's probably cold because of sitting on the ground, but
it is totally worth it. Why? Because her outfit is amazing, silly.
The headband makes is really punk but the floral print balances
it out. I love this outfit, a lot!

8. The walking dead
I want these pants so bad! I think it is really rebel and it is definitely an
eye-catcher but who cares? (Sounding a little bit rebel myself, lol)

 9. Rock and Roll, baby
Let's start off with the top of her head: Her hair.
Wow, wow, wow! I wish I could do it with my hair!
Her make-up is also wow, her top is really rock-ish.
Her pants and shoes are also really awesome.
And nah, can you see that I love this outfit?
Her pose is also really rebel: "Oh don't mind me, I'm just
sitting on this rock because I don't care."

10.  I like Nirvanah, you see?
Band tee's, something I love (I don't have any... Yet) and
isn't nirvanah Rock and Roll? Thought so.
Isn't rebel Rock and Roll? Thought so.
So yeah, rebel.

Sorry for the late post, by the way, I was working. Kind of.
We need to do this thingy for school and I am cooking
for homeless people (Am I not kind?) so yep. That's what
I have been doing. Also, I have started youtube and a beautyblog.
Gaaahhh. Would you be a sweetheart and check it out?
Have a lovely week!

Love & Inspire,


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