Decoration: Room Inspiration

I don't think that I am the only one here, but I think that my room is getting
awfully boring. So I hearted some room inspiration on, good old, weheartit.
Hope you are also inspired, I know I am haha. There we go:

1. Books
My motto is: you cannot have enough books. But that is the motto of a
bookwurm so you don't have to agree. I love reading. So books are
a staple for in my room.

Isn't this awesome? Although I wouldn't make it to the top shelf
I still think this would be perfect.

Maybe an ordinary bookcase is better? Hmm...

This. Is. Perfect. Just perfect. Could I just grab
it out of the picture, please?

Quotes are perfect for in your room. They inspire you
whenever you look at them and they give a nice
and creative touch.

This quote made out of magazines is really creative
and settle.

This is great for above your bed. Just a little reminder,
I guess.

This is a great reminder for when you wake-up.
Do you already see it before you? You open your
eyes and you see: "Stay beautiful" on the wall.
That would make my day.

Something that would be great if you are doing home-
work. Just a little push in your back that says: Go on!

Isn't it everybody's dream to be travelling? I know
that it is mine. Although this could be simply about
everyday: It isn't about how many steps you take, it is
about the journey you make.

Do I have to say something about this? I think it
is wise and awesome. And I, secretly, love the
mustache pillow.

3. Pictures on the wall
Whenever they are inspiring pictures or personal.
Pictures give this fun touch to your room and
an instant memory bootst, haha.

It can be:



Hmm, less settle. Depends on the person I guess.

Although this would be me... The less settle person, haha.

4. Cozy beds
I love, like a lot of people, sleeping. And you want to
do that in a cozy bed, aye?


Really simple and cute.

This screams coziness. And I love the dreamcatcher!

Cute pillows can instantly make your bed cozy and

I can't even. I just can't. This is amazing. The colors,
the lights...


5. The total picture
Just some rooms I'd want to steal for... Reasons.

This is so adorable and vintage and ughhh.

Although I hate this color purple I think the bed-idea
is genius.

Santa, are you still in town? Could you give me
this room?

I hate pink, but this room is worth it.

So yeah, today I am not a girl of many words I believe but I hope you found this
inspiring anyway. I am enjoying these last days of 2012 but I am so ready for 2013!
Happy new year!?
Um, anyway...
I hope you all have an awesome week!
See you next year, haha. Lame, Isabel, lame...
Love & inspire,


  1. is the tree painted on? that's a really cute idea and looks great!
    I'm a new follower so thought I'd say hello!
    Hope you'll follow me back....


    1. Yes, I believe the tree is painted! I know, I wish I'd came up with it haha.
      New followers are always welcome. Hello there :)
      I will, if I like you're blog so I'll definitely will check it out!
      Thank you :)



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