Turn my world upsidedown

Blouse: V&D
Shorts: The Sting
Belt: Vintage
Socks: C&A,
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: H&M
Ring: Gift
Gold ring with green stone: Vintage
(Fake) glasses: V&D

I found this blouse yesterday, hidden behind some other blouses 
(Read: the place of the closet where you put the "ugly" things).
To be honest I totally forgot about it, but when I saw it I thought:
"Maybe I can do something with it." So I did.
This outfit reminds me of Hermione (from Harry Potter), because
it is preppy, girly and nerdy. I think the bookcase is a good background and
gives it a smart touch, same goes for the book in my hand on the first picture
It was really hard to take these pictures because; 1) my camera was practically
out of battery (I forgot my camera charger in England), 2) the pictures ended up
being askew. So sorry for the askew picture in the beginning. I am not
a good photographer I guess. At least I am trying... The fake glasses (yes, fake)
gave it a smarter touch (I bought them when I was in my "I want glasses"- phase.)
I kept the jewelry minimal. I think that dark purple and gold matches really well.
I am so happy with my oxfords from the Primark, although they aren't really comfortable.
After I took these pictures my best friend Tim (you might know us from our blog-
Fashionstry, I don't think so, actually) came to hang out and we watched Finding Nemo
(don't judge us, it is just the Best. Movie. Ever.) "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."
Today is officially the last day of my summer vacation ("Noooo, why? WHY?")
I hope you all had a good, fun vacation.
Love & Inspire,


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