New: Dr. Martens

"Yeeeeeees!" was my reaction when I got these, "Yes, yes yeees!"
I wanted a pair of Dr. Martens for so long. The only store in my
city that sold Dr. Martens had a sale, so I needed to give it a shot.
And I was so lucky that I could get these for 70 euro's, because
Dr. Martens are usually 150 or 170 euros. This was a really lucky buy.

The boots are up to under my knee, so they are pretty long for Dr. Martens.
To be honest: they fit me like a glove. When I got them on
I fell in love. Honestly.

The letters on the side the grey fabric and the laces 
give it an really edgy touch.
Dr. Martens are famous for their yellow stitiching
on the toe of the boot. I think it gives a great contrast:
Black and yellow. 

I am deeply, madly, head over heels in love with these boots.
I am going to wear them every day in the fall and winter, I bet.

Love & Inspiration,


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