Decoration: Going vintage

I have been obsessed with vintage and old things lately.
And since I have a WeHeartIt account I can "heart"whatever I like.
I end up liking thousands of vintage/old rooms, staircases, room things...
So why not doing a blogpost on it?
I told you that this isn't going to be 'only' a fashionblog...

Okay, so I totally love these pictures. Just because they give something
memorable and old to your desk, or wherever you want to put these on.

I've seen the movie The women in black, and for some reason this reminds me
of the house in the movie. But the house in the movie is darker and scarier.
I love the fact that this looks so old and dusty.

To be really honest: I am a really messy person. So this
is what my desk would look like... Just kidding (I hope).
I like that it is so messy because I think that makes it more personal.
I love this picture so much. It reminds me of my grandpa and grandma.
Just because grandpas and grandmas could have an exact same living room
like this. The television is probably really crappy, but I wouldn't care.

As I said: I am a messy person. This isn't as messy as
the other picture. But it isn't neat and tidy. But I don't care.
I love the picture on the wall, the cookies on the table (who -
doesn't love cookies?), and the books and paper in the bookcase.

I love how the floors, the walls and the ceiling is made of wood. I love
the idea and the colors. The wood with the white, see-though curtains and,
not to forget, the pink dress (which I would definitely wear), match so amazing.
Just because the wood is so rough and dark and the colors so soft.
And I just adore balconies since I was little. 
I don't think there will be any room for any other furniture. I like the colors brown
and the details of green. For some reason this room reminds me of Harry Potter...

I am a book lover and this is heaven for me. I totally adore the 'hidden' door in the bookcase
and the sculptures above the books. This room reminds me of an old library.

This room is so amazing. It has many windows so there is enough light and
it is really simple. It is a really smal room but that gives a cozy feeling.

What is older/more vintage than a gramophone player? I love the mini book-
case with the pictures in it. The world map with the blue adds more color
to the room.
As you could see in some previous pictures, green and brown (wood) is an
amazing combination. And look at the vases on top of the vase! It is really lovely.

This is probably my favorite of all. All the photos, the brown, the table, the bank:
it matches each other perfectly. One word to describe it all: WOW.
And I could go on, and on and on...

Love and Inspire,


  1. Me love vintage!

    Wil je me volgen? <3

    xo www.doitmywayx.blogspot.nl

    1. Me too.
      Ik volg je als ik je blog leuk vind, dus ik ga zometeen naar je blog kijken. :)
      Nog een fijne week!
      Love & Inspire,



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