5 Ways To De-stress

I AM STRESSED, you are stressed; we all are stressed. Whether it is school, work, homework, socializing, hobbies: sometimes it gets a little bit too much. Even though I am the queen of stress I am also very good at de-stressing. Don't those two go perfectly, ironically hand in hand? Here's the list:

1. DECLUTTER (yo space)
13 year old me would be so mad at me for saying this but: a clean room equals a clean mind. (Yes mom, you were right...) No but seriously, if I come into my room from a long day at college and there's just clutter everywhere I don't get that happy. Because that adds to my already long list of to do's and that's just not what I need. So, I try to keep my room clean as often as I can. In that way it becomes a nice study space where I can actually find shit. 

2. RELEASE (yo anger)
I do this a lot. I text my best friends and tell them I am stressed because of [insert thing here] and they tell me it will be okay and I can do it. In turn I will feel better because I have ranted and I can move on. If you don't have any friends or don't want to text people; write it down. Just try it. It is so nice when you don't have to think about whatever it is that makes you feel stressed. 

3. REMOVE (yo stressfactors) 
Listen, I know you can't remove every single stressfactor in your life ever but let's look back at point 1. Decluttering is something I don't have to think about when I do it often thus I've removed a stress factor. Tadaa. If you have little things that make you stressed for example: noisy neighbours, a little study space, too much work to do ever, try to remove those. You don't like your room/your sister is so noisy/whatever it is: move to the library, a cafe or a friend's house! Too much to do? Don't panic, break it up into little tasks! A little goes a long way. 

4. ADD (yo positivity)
Dude I know, it is so easy to get into a negative mindset when you tons of things to do. BUT try to think positively anyways. I try to add one thing in my to do list that is easly done so I can feel like a fucking badass and have a positive mindset the rest of the day. Whenever it is doing something like that, putting on your favorite playlist, watching a funny youtubevideo or just having a laugh with a friend: easing yourself into doing your killer to do list is a must.

5. TREAT (yo self) 
"Treat yo self!" has kind of become this thing my friends know me for. Everytime they tell me about their stress and the many things they need to do I just tell them to treat themselves. You deserve it! Give yourself some me time. I know the internet glorifies this in form of expensive things but trust me you don't need a 5 euro starbucks drink and a bath bomb from lush to treat yourself. Sometimes a nice shower and a good movie does the trick. 

SO, I hope this helped to calm your tits, rest your breasts, to take a deep breath (in, out) and to relax. You've got this buddy. I believe in ya.

All the love,


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