IT'S BEEN 7 MOTHS. 7 freaking months since I've written on this blog. It's almost shameful. "How dare you show your face!"- says... No one, I guess. Because who is reading this after 7. Freaking. Months!? But all in all, I'm still here telling you (whoever you may be - hi mom!) to tell you I'm back. And for good this time. Being back, however, comes with some changes (roll credits). 

This is not a fashionblog anymore. It hasn't been for a long time. I have no idea what this is, a lifestyle blog? I guess. No that my style of life is so exciting but, hey, you need something to keep you warm at night right!? This is not going to be a "hey look how cool my style is!" and a "look how aestetically pleasing my life is!" - kind of blog. On this blog I am going to share my thoughts, the same way I did the last two posts. Plain, honest and quite messily.

Since this a new start, let me re-introduce myself (and my blog). Hi, my name is Isabel. Friends call me Isa. I am 18 years old and starting my first year of college in 3 weeks. I love writing, always have and this blog is my virtual outlet.

All the love,


  1. Leuk dat je weer blogt! Ik begon je blog namelijk te volgen net voordat de lange stilte kwam en vind 'm echt heel leuk. Ben benieuwd wat je nu allemaal gaat posten <3

    1. Awh superlief Janna! Dat vind ik zo leuk om te horen haha, hoop dat je het wat vind <3



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