" 24.08.2015 // My alarmclock wakes me up from my deep sleep. I curse myself for setting it at 7 am and I climb out of my warm, soft bed into the cold room. I look at my outfit and contemplate once more if it is suitable for a tuesday at school. 'Screw it', I decide. 'I like wearing it so whatever. Now let's go get coffee."  - A very accurate representation of that tuesday morning.

JUMPER:  second hand (thanks Tim), SKIRT: Urban Outfitters, BOOTS: sasha

I DON'T THINK THIS OUTFIT COULD SCREAM ANY MORE "AUTUMN". Honestly, this is the most  "I love fall, omy, hand my a pumpkin spice latte!" outfit I've ever worn. And I love it. I adore the fall colors (because dark colors are just my kinda vibe). Top it off with a dark red lip and, viola, there you have your autumn outfit! I got tons of compliment on this outfit so that must mean something right? Though Pro Tip: biking in this skirt is near impossible. 
I wore this outfit a few weeks ago but only got around writing this blogpost now. Go figure. The title is inspired by a song by one of my favorite bands: Wolf Alice. (I covered it on my channel so here's the link, if you want to hear me use my singing "skill".) I have been listening to their new album non-stop. So good. So grunge. Yes. Love it. 

Do you also have this basic-girl love for fall?



  1. looooove your outfit en omg hoe kan het dat ik je cover nog helemaal niet gehoord heb wasdeze

    ps we moeten ff snel weer afspreken ja goed idee (het is bijna een jaar geleden sinds we elkaar voor het eerst ontmoetten omg)

  2. Hee wat een leuke blog! En outfit :) Ik ga je zeker volgen nu.

  3. Hee wat een leuke blog! En outfit :) Ik ga je zeker volgen nu.

  4. oh my goodness, I love this outfit so much



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