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YES IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME... 2 Months to be exact and for that I am truly sorry. There will be a post explaining my absence, pinky swear. But to get into the swing of things I thought I would share some love for my favorite blogs. So here is all the love for my favorite blogs.

//Picture from the blogpost  "OUTFIT|Nazomeren in okergeel" taken by Naomi from LKTH//

//Picture from the blogpost "Misguided ghost" taken by Hanne from Grungecrumbles//

I mean you guys all know my love for Hanne because I literally have mentioned her (and her blog) in several posts and videos. Me and Hanne have become good friends and she is one of the raddest people I know. But now her blog. Her freaking blog is goals. It's super grungy and stylish and I just... I can't. Not only is her lay-out really well done (and she did it herself with html which I am really envious of because... I have 0 tech skills) but her content is great too. From hella cool outfits, to music, to pinterest creations, to a look into her sketchbook: she does it all, and amazingly so.
One rainy day I had decided that almost 60% of the blogs I followed did not interest me, so I unfollowed a bunch of blogs I did not read and decided to stock up on some new ones. And then I discovered Naomi aka Little Keys to Happiness. She recently re-did her new lay out (which is gorgeous, I LOVE the yellow in it). She writes Dutch posts with a witty, personal, sarcastic twist. She has an amazing fashion sense (I would honestly love to do a style showcase on her) and I love the chill vibe on her blog. Definitely one of my favorites. 

//screenshot of the blog What Should I Eat for Breakfast today a blog by Meta Greber//

I am not a morning person, and though I have a great love for food: breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day. It doesn't even come close. I normally just eat some toast and drink tea (or coffee) but when I read this blog I want to change my ways. It makes me want to get up at 6am and cook myself a wonderful breakfast. No joke. Vegan food, smoothies, veggies etc. etc. All the recipes are there. It is also great if you just want to look at amazing pictures of food (because what else would you do in your spare time?)

//Picture from the blogpost "outfit of the week" taken by Ella from WeNeedToLiveMore//

Not only does Ella make amazing (vegan) and easy recipes, her bubbly personality definitely shines through in her blogpost. She mostly posts recipes but sometimes there is a cheeky outfit post and traveling post which is definitely not a negative thing. Her lay out is so gorgeous and her pictures are always on point. She explains things very easily and to the point (which is nice because I can not for the life of me follow a recipe which is chaotic because... I am). 

//Picture from the blogpost "Coincidence? I think not" taken by Laura from Lauresque//

Laura is another blogger I discovered on that rainy day. This time through Naomi's blog. It's a small (blogger) world. Her lay out is near perfection and her pictures are SO GOOD. I love her sense of style, it's kind of bohemian and urban and classy, and she also writes with a sense of humor. She has recipes, writes about Dutch hotspots, has outfit posts etc. etc. etc. All the love to her and her blog.

So, these were five of my favorite bloggers. If you have some blogs you want me to follow (or if you have a blog) feel free to comment. I'd love to check you out! 



  1. Aaaaah I am so glad you are back, you are literally one of my favourite bloggers. <3

    1. Kiiiim! Thank you, that is such a huge compliment hush <3

  2. Aww omg dit is zo leuk! Ik ben al honderd keer in je posts en videos voorgekomen (en andersom) maar dit blijft zo leuk om te lezen he!

  3. ♥♥♥♥ ZO LIEF! Wist je dat ik nog steeds over mijn layout twijfel? Het zal wel perfectionisme zijn, haha, als ik het zo hoor. (en in een lijstje staan tussen Ella, Meta, Laura en Hanne? Aaaah, we need to live more is ook by far mijn favoriet)

    1. Aww yay, wat lief dat je 'm hebt gelezen! (ook superbedankt dat ik je foto mocht gebruiken) <3



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