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Hi... It has been a while hasn't it? I think that is the understatement of the year since it has been more than a month (!) since I last spoke to you. But I have valid a reason... No, really. So I had exams last month and through all the stress and studying my creative brain just completely shut down. I had not doodled, written, filmed, edited anything for the last month so blogging was also not part of that. It's really weird but I get like this when I am stressed or when I am doing school work. It's like I can not be creative and "productive" at the same time. 

"So what the hell have you been doing other than studying!?":
Well, I have been de-stressing. Honestly, I do not get stressed very easily but I have never had such bad skin in such a short time and tears have been shed. So here are some things I did to de-stress.

1. tea: I have never been a huge tea drinker... Until now. I have drunk 5 cups of green tea a day. My favorite is by clipper. It's with lemon and ginger and it is so bloody good!
2. music: Yeah, very obvious but I have been rocking out to music a lot. I have been listening to a lot of Green Day and Arctic Monkeys lately and just dancing.
3. youtube: It has been a form of procrastination but also a form of de-stressing. I have especially been watching a lot of Kassie Isabelle's videos aka Cloudyapples. Her videos are funny, soothing and really helpful. They give me a positive mindset and help me relax. 
4. films: After dinner and a whole day studying my brain felt like someone stepped on it and then hit with a truck. Yeah, that bad. So, I have been winding down watching. I have watched Juno, which I enjoyed a lot, Before I go to sleep and Palo Alto. Also, a lot of How I Met Your Mother

But, I am back! Back to blogging, back to making videos. Speaking of which... Here's a new one:

love & inspire,


  1. i've started drinking a lot of tea lately as well! love your style btw :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Yesss, welcome to the green tea club (wow I'm lame). Aw thank you, I love your hair :) x

  2. Love your style! Can't wait to see your next post ( :


  3. Really nice outfit, your shoes are so great:)


  4. Welcome back! X Sjoukje!



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