What I Wore This Week

SINCE I WANT TO KEEP IT REAL HERE, I thought I would give you a peek in my week...ly outfits. So here is what I wore from April the 6th 'till April the 12th. As you may see, I like to keep it comfy and casual since I still have school so I do not really show up all that fancy (I almost never show up all that fancy to be honest). These are outfits I wear because they comfy and,  as I would like to think, hella cute.

MONDAY the 6th
monday stripes
BLAZER: vero moda, SHIRT: monki, PANTS: h&m, SHOES: sasha

WHAT I DID: On Monday I went to "het Stedelijk Museum" in Amsterdam and saw an exhibition from the artist Matisse. To be really honest with you; I did not like his work. But hey, it is also good to know what you do not like, right? The best part was the cake we ate and the museum shop (I love the books at museum shops! They are so interesting!).

TUESDAY the 7th
tuesday blues 

JACKET: esprit, BUTTON UP: esprit, JEANS: levi, SHOES: tamaris, 

NECKLACE: fashionology

WHAT I DID: On Tuesday I went, sadly, back to school. Boo, baah, blegh. Luckily, I had a very short day yet being trapped for 5 hours in a classroom full of annoying people is not my ideal Tuesday, but hey; who's would it be?  

wednesday casualty

JUMPER: monki, PANTS: pull & bear, SHOES: doc martens

WHAT I DID: Wheyyy, school again! Who would have thought? I wanted to keep it as casual as possible because I did not have lots of time in the morning (read: I got up an half hour later than I should) so the only thing remotely cool about this outfit are the shoes.

THURSDAY the 9th
comfortzone thursday

JACKET: c&a, BUTTON UP: h&m, SKINNY JEANS: esprit, SHOES: sasha

WHAT I DID: After being at school for 7 hours I had to rush to my part-time job (I am an incredibly charming cashier, for the ones that are interested) so I had to wear something that would be comfy for 11 hours. So, as usual, I navigated to all black.

FRIDAY the 10th
repeat friday

WHAT I DID: Yes, I actually repeat outfits if I like them. Whoa. TGIF! I got all the results of my test-week back and did do pretty well (moodpoints +200) and had art-class which, even if it is art-history theory, is very very relaxed so I enjoy it very much. After that I just went home and watched New Girl and ate lots of chocolate (oh the perks of easter). 

SATURDAY the 11th
saturday tie
BLAZER: the sting, BUTTON UP: esprit, SKINNY JEANS: esprit, SHOES: sasha

TIE: my dad's old vintage awesome tie

WHAT I DID: After I woke up way too early for my liking on a Saturday I got up (with a lot of "nooo, whyyy") and went to my part-time job. Afterwards I just rushed into the city to get some extra gifts for my best friend Tim and went to his amazing and fun birthday party. I got some comments on my outfit, most of them being "wow cool!" and "oh hey, Andy Warhol!". So that is pretty rad. 

SUNDAY the 12th
sweatpant sunday

Honestly, the outfit that I wore on sunday was not picture worthy. Sweatpants, old shirt and cat socks. Meh. I made homework and watched New Girl (and watched the last episode there was, so now I am up to speed). Just a lazy sunday really.

Those are my outfits of this week!



  1. Ok. This doesn't happen often. But I can't pick my favorite. I love all of them. Teach me how to pick things that look good on me! Your photography is gorgeous as well!

    doitfortheirony.com / Creative blog for the future obsessed.

  2. Really nice outfits, love it! X Minale

  3. My favourite one is your Friday outfit! x

  4. Really nice outfits! I especially like the Thursday one :)



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