January Moodboard

IT IS THE MAGICAL MOTH OF JANUARY, and with magical I mean the month that
people decide this is going to be their year. And I kind of love it. I love the whole motivational
vibe and though there is the question "Isabel, how are those resolutions working for ya?" I can
surprisingly answer with alright. Though it has been a very stressful week (yay finals coming up)
I have been keeping my resolutions, kind of. Yes, I did not work out that much and still was bad
for my skin (stress) and did not eat as healthy as I could: I did fine. I kept them. I did some
of it. And that is the thing people do not realize: You have to build up to a resolution. 
You can't just go to the gym every week when the only work out you did was reaching
for the remote. 

Since it has been a stressful and very busy 2 weeks there are some things
that just capture my mood perfectly.

[1] I have barely started school and I already want to get out. I want to travel.
Go places where I have not been and stare at the sky for hours. Go on a roadtrip with my
best friend(s) and just laugh for hours. You can definitely say wanderlust has taken over.
[2] Since I have been stressed so much I have eaten a lot of chocolate and junk food
and thus have been breaking out. Having acne for almost over 5 years is tough so I
do long to having skin like this one day without having to put on a shit ton of
foundation to achieve the look of it from a certain distance. 
[3] Again with the wanderlust, but I want to be free. I just basically want another
holiday. Go outside, drink coffee with friends, make tons of cool pictures. 
[4] I have not had time to sit down and draw properly for over 6 months. Of course,
I do a lot of doodling but I have not improved my style and learned new things. I just
kind of stuck to the same pattern. 
[5] I also have not touched my vinyls or record player for way too long. And just sat
and read a book (that I don't have to read for school) or wrote a chapter of my story.

So, I solemly swear that when the busy weeks are over I will do almost all of these things.
And try to start a little bit. Because to be fair, all the tired minutes of not studying or working
I have just been spending time on Tumblr finding these pictures for you. 

How has your 2 weeks been since " happy new year!"?

Love & Inspire,


  1. I am from Russia and we've got holidays for 2 weeks after New Year ;D But I didn't have the opportunity to go somewhere though I know exactly where I would go if I had the money and time. Hope someday everybody is able to go where they want to bc that would create so much happiness in the entire world.

    1. Oooh lucky! Yes, exactly! The plan is always there haha. That would be amazing, I hope that that happens to you :)
      Have a nice day!
      x I <3

  2. The wanderlust has taken over! Oh je leest het nog wel in 50 shades of rad ;)

  3. That's wonderful! And I get what you mean... Sometimes it's just so hard to get back on track! X

    1. It is, really! Thank you for your comment, I love your blog :)



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