Becoming Happier | resolutions for 2015

2014 wasn't my best year. I won't go into detail
but I basically developed a lot of bad habits and trying to get rid of them (and
failing hard) So, without too much sap, 2015 is going to be the year where I am getting
rid of bad habits and starting good ones. Since I have never motivated myself
to keep the resolutions (haven't we all?) this post will be my motivation.

1. Getting up earlier

As much I hate mornings I know that I am more productive and happy
when I get up earlier. I have more time for breakfast, time to
work out (wow, point 2!), time to actually wake up and get my
shit together. Here are also more reasons why: 

Boom let's set the alarm (I already hate myself for doing this. Oh well.)

2. Working out

Something I almost never do. I have a subscription to the gym, had it for
over a year. And I've been, um, three times!? Yep. Not my forte.
So, since I know what works for me and doesn't (the gym), I am going
to work out more. With that I mean running more often (which I didn't
do the whole winter because "it's cold".) and doing blogilates exercises. 
Not become the next Victoria's Secret model but to become fitter and healthier
(and not getting out of breath from walking up the stairs.)

And with working out comes:

3. Eating healthier

Not that I stuff my face with junkfood and sugar but I could
cut down on the caffeine (oh, the pain of a coffee lover)
and eat less sugar. Also, breakfast. I skip it. Because
I do not get up early, go figure. I already have a good
breakfast recipe here, so go knock yourself out. 

4. Being good to my skin

One of my bad habits is always touching my skin. Everytime I read a book,
watch a movie or sit anywhere my hands go mindlessly to my acne and I pick
it or touch it and it messes my skin up so much. 40% of my acne is because I touch
it, 40% because it is hormonal and 20% because I don't drink enough water. 
So... I am going to get rid of that habit and not touch my skin. Instead I am going
to do other things like write or drink water or concentrate really hard on a conversation. 

5. Being more productive

I procrastinate. Again, don't we all? But even if it is on things I like, like blogging
or making videos "I'll do it later"(/NEVER.) So I am going to do things at the moment
I need to get them done. So there will be no later so no option. 

If you struggle with any of these things or other things you are trying to maintain
or break through, remember this: 

It really is okay to struggle and not accomplish things the first time.
Also, you will be fine and after that you will be amazing.

All the love & hugs from me through the screen. 

Love & Inspire,


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