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The current lockscreen

SO RECENTLY I saw a pattern in my everyday life. That pattern is called:
"Oh hey, that is an inspirational image with a nice quote I could live by! Let's
set it as a lockscreen and be reminded by it." Also: no. That doesn't work, Isabel.
Because I know me. And you could literally tell me to do something in the morning
and remind me 10000x times, and put post it's on the walls and whatever but I will
not leave my warm cozy bed until the last possible minute. So: workout? Not done.
Making a nice, healthy breakfast? An apple will do. Being miss little sunshine?
Have you ever seen me in the morning? You don't want to, trust me.  So my
current lockscreen is a big fat lie. Because when people ask me about it I say:
"Oh, it's for motivation. You know to live by!?" And they say: "Wow, you must be
a positive an amazing person!" (No they don't, they say "oh, cool." because we're
teenagers and we don't express emotions) So instead of follow your heart! it should
be follow you lockscreen! which I, as previously stated, don't do. But I will.
Tommorow. I promise. 

Do you have a lockcreen to live by? Or do you just gawk at Harry Styles' 
beautiful face (I get it girl, that boy is gorgeous!)




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