You (slam poem)


You are not the punchline,
the joke,
the pimples on your face,
your grades, good or bad,
your past or your future,

You are not the model in the magazine,
the artist on the TV screen,
you are not the girl who couldn't sleep at night
because your stomach isn't flat enough
or your skin isn't good enough,

You are not the boy with the V-line,
the six pack,
the hero or the geek,
the manly or the weak,

You are a human,
you are a person made from kind words,
actions, thoughts at 3 AM, Tears you shed
or held in, Stupid answers you gave when there
weren't stupid answers,

You build yourself up,
you pick yourself up from the ground,
you define yourself, all of you;
the beauty,
the flaw,
the mistake,

You are strong,
You are kind,
You are lovely,
You are beautiful,

You define yourself,
because you can,
because that is the power you have,

Build yourself up and even if someone breaks you down
do it again, and again, and again, and again,
Until the scars from your wrists are battlescars,
until the things they said aren't even memories,
until you aren't skin and bones and until you
aren't a broken person anymore,

Only YOU have the power to not be a brick in the wall
but to be a freaking castle.

-Isabel v.B

(these are the things I think at night. I decided to write it
down in a messy handwriting and then the words just
kind of flew form my pencil.)



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