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(A/N) Before we start this madness, I want to announce this blogpost as the first in my new series!
Aaahhh. The blogger meet series. I interview my favorite bloggers, and you
can discover new blogs. A win-win situation aye? :)

" I am May, 21 years old and am at the moment graduating from my study Communication Digital Media at the Hogeschool Rotterdam for the last few moths I was in training at STYLIGHT in Munich and because of that I am even more sure that I eventually want to go abroad and to gain a lot of experience! OMAYGOD.com exists 2 years,  I blogged before on another blog but that wasn't that serious. ;)"

Question 1. Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
I find my inspiration in different blogs and fashion/lifestyle websites.

Question 2. What is your favorite summer-trend 2013?
My favorite summer-trend of 2013 are caps! They make your outfit just a bit cooler and it suits me.

Question 3. What is the perfect outfit for you?
The perfect for me is an outfit which is comfortable and at the same time cool.

Question 4. If you could wear an item for a whole week (without it getting dirty, getting stains on it etc.) what would you wear & why?
Oh, that is a hard one! I think I would go for my gray shorts from the Zara. The material is comfortable, which actually looks like sweatpants. You can combine it in different ways cool , comfortable or classy, so that is perfect! 

(These are the ones we're talking about: http://ohmaygod.com/2013/07/02/outfit-ultra-comfy/)

Question 5. What is your dream-job?
My dream-job is to work at an (online) fashion label or a company that knows precisely what it wants. It has to fit my interests, or else it isn't a dream-job! I think that have to do something that gives energy and makes you happy. 

Question 6. What is the coolest/most inspiring thing that happened to you in connection with your blog?
The coolest thing that happened is that I was featured in the AD newspaper! It was an enormous surprise that they picked me for a part of the article. I also was on German television, because I am in the advertisement of STYLIGHT. But that was not because of my blog.

Question 7. What clothing-item would you never wear & why?
I never want to say never, because everything could maybe look good! But I think if I had to choose, then I don't think that I would wear flip-flop's as a fashion statement. It is okay for the beach or at home. Maybe I'll find some awesome flip-flop's one day. You'll never know!

Question 8. What is something you want to say to your (fellow) bloggers & readers?
What I think is really important in an outfit is to feel comfortable. Don't wear items because "everybody" wears it! Do it because you like it and feel good with it. You create your style that way and it is so much fun to develop your style.  In my opinion you can show your personality trough your fashion-sense and you can be proud of that!

May (OHMAYGOD.com)

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